Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Batik Museum

The  Batik Museum

You want to knew more far about Indonesian batik?  If true, you could come to  The Pekalongan Batik museum in Central Java. This museum kept 800 more the old and modern batik collection as efforts to conserve the culture of the ancestors's inheritance. In this place, we could observe the development of batik beginning the Dutch time, the Japanese influence at the time of the Second World War with the motive Javanese Hokokai, there was also batik from outside Java especially Sumatra that was fat was affected by the Islam culture that apparently from the motive that resembled Arabian article calligraphy. Although having 800 batiks, only 300 collections that were displayed in this museum. Every time three months, batik was unloaded to be replaced with the other collection.

This museum collection quite interesting, we could see antique batik that his age reached 100 years more. There was also the blouse Encim that normally is worn by the woman tionghoa in Indonesia. Moreover, still many other interesting collections could be seen by you in this museum. 

 The building of   Museum Batik Indonesia , was built by making use of the second-hand building of the Pekalongan Town Hall. The building was reorganised to the Museum of Batik Indonesia, because of his building including old, that is built in the Dutch colonisation time. Inside, was gotten several rooms that were wide with the door and the big window, so as to be felt very much nuances of the high history.

The Pekalongan Batik Museum was located in the area of the Jatayu roundabout close to the road of Diponegoro The Pekalongan city Central Java. This area also was the symbol of the harmony between religious groups in the Pekalongan City that was built very good. By the Museum of Batik Pekalongan, was gotten the mosque with the background of the Church of Katholik Pekalongan. Around this region also stood the Protestan Church and the place of the follower's religious duties Tri Dharma.


  1. Yes I love Indonesian batik, looks cool and unique! I hope this museum will collect all unique batik from around Indonesia

  2. walah kok pakek boso londo sob.. gak mudeng... hhe

  3. wah.. mantap nih tentang batik pekalongan mank is de best

  4. batik pekalongan di jwa tengah mank pantas dibuatkan museum sob

  5. batik pekalongan di jwa tengah mank pantas dibuatkan museum sob

  6. the best museum in Pekalongan.



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