Monday, February 22, 2010

The Plaosan Temple

The Plaosan Temple

Had you visited to the Plaosan temple
The Plaosan Temple was located in the village of Bugisan, the subdistrict of  Prambanan, the Klaten regency (Indonesia), around 4 km on the north-east of The Prambanan Temple (the Roro Djonggrang Temple). The Plaosan temple consisted of two main complexes, that is the Plaosan Lor Temple (north) and the Plaosan Kidul Temple (South) that only was separated by the highway. 

The Plaosan temple was established to the middle of the IX age or to be precise between the year 825-850. This temple was built by a Prince who was named Sri Kahuluan and was helped by Rakai Pikatan from the Sanjaya Dynasty. The Plaosan plan of the Temple complex have the shape of persegi long with the concept that was acknowledged as Yogini Yantra. The main building consisted of three rooms that was separated by the wall of the arbiter, respectively the room was gotten the statue that was placed in his niches.

The other uniqueness from The Plaosan Temple was architecture from the main building especially the parent temple Plaosan Lor was the stratified temple. Moreover, in this temple was gotten the Buddhist statue that was complete so as to be able to present the development of the Buddhist religion in Java.


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