Saturday, March 21, 2015

Learn Pencil Drawing for Beginners

Learn to Draw like a Master Artist

Learning to draw is supposed to be difficult
When I was growing up I always thought that you needed natural artistic ability to be able to draw, so I never even tried.
Years later I wanted to start a business so ended up needing someone to design a logo for me. At the time I lived in a small town and couldn’t find anybody to do it for me. Out of frustration I drew my own logo. It wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but it somehow ignited a spark in me – I wanted to be able to draw.
Just like something sparked in you at some point.
I then set out to learn the secrets of the masters. Moving from one drawing course to the next. If I was lucky to get a good instructor I got a little bit better. More often than not though the tutors just let you do your own thing – you had to find the “artist inside” yourself.

Suddenly it was like a light was switched on
Then one day as I was sitting at the dining room table struggling with a drawing it suddenly struck me. I finally knew what the problem was. I knew why I wasn’t getting any better.
I was drawing, but I didn’t understand what I was drawing.
From that point on I spent all my time trying to understand what I was doing. No more monkey see, monkey do drawings for me. Now, with a bit more practice under the belt, my drawings look like this:

You can also draw like this

Let me show you how to draw absolutely anything you want by understanding what you are drawing. I will take you from the very beginning with what equipment you need in order to draw successfully, all the way through to drawing hyper realistic portraits


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